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What's Tulum like, you ask? Lets see... it's beautiful, peaceful and mystical AF. What makes Tulum so incredibly epic is the fact that although it may be overcome by tourists, it's still somewhat untouched. Just a few years ago Tulum was still a completely rural area, that's not to say it's not still the damn jungle. If you’re visiting Tulum you'll have no choice but to embrace the good and bad parts of the wild jungle. Leave the high heels at home and be prepared to get eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Personally, I have never been anywhere like Tulum before. That being said I have been to other parts of Mexico (Cancun and Cabo) and Tulum is simply waaaayy cooler. Think jungle with  a touch a magic. Not to mention it has some of the best shopping I’ve ever experienced. Tulum is pretty easy to navigate, there’s one super long road along the coast that most of the hotels, restaurants & shops are on. Most of the hotels offer bikes, making it easier to explore the surrounding attractions. 

Unlike most touristy areas, Tulum is still very rich in culture. The Mayan culture is fascinating. They heavily believe in astrology and earthly elements, like crystals (side note: thinking maybe I was Mayan in my past life?). Everywhere you go there are symbols of moons + stars alongside altars + incense. Not to mention, there are local shamans that perform spiritual and energetic rituals. I’ll tell you about my witchy Tulum experience in another blog post soon. 

For now I leave you with travel recommendations: 

Where To Stay: Be Tulum

Where To Dine: Posada Margherita, Nomade, Rosa Negra, Mur Mur

Where To Shop: La Tiendita, Kaya & So Much More

What To Do: Visit The Mayan Ruins, Swim In The Cenotes, Bike Through Town 

* Note that the ruins + cenotes are about 40 min away from most of the hotels. Because of this, I opted out on these attractions this trip. I did visit the one cenote close to town, it’s known to be one of the less nice ones. It was super creepy and I ended up not even going in the water, did you know historically cenotes were used to sacrifice people???* 

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Paige Bartlett
Paige Bartlett

January 09, 2019

I love your site! Please do a travel blog on Cabo! I am going there this summer and I would love to know where you suggest to go while there!

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